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Today' News :

Tarun Gogoi attacks Narendra Modi over corporate funding to BJP
NETV Correspondent
April 18, Guwahati

Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi on Friday attacked BJP’s PM nominee Narendra Modi over the huge expenditure by the BJP over advertisements. Gogoi dared Modi to reveal the source of this money. Be said that in his entire political career, he never saw big corporate backing any party so much. He also slammed Modi for projecting himself as larger than Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the most respected leader of the BJP. He also replied to those who criticize him as clown or less serious. Terming the Assam soil as fertile as Gujarat, he said that along with lotus, all other flowers bloom in the state. On a query as to how many seats he would project for the BJP, he replied that he would give not a single seat.

Subramanium Swamy challenges Gogoi for open debate on development
NETV Correspondent
April 18, Guwahati

BJP leader Subramanbian Swami on Friday interacted with a group of intellectuals on the problems faced by the state. Swami took up the Chinese aggression issue and other issues related to the Northeast. He also invited Assam chief minister Tarun Gogoi to an open debate on development. He also suggested measures to check influx problem. On being questioned about evidences against Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s amassing huge wealth, Swami said that she could easily manage the documents to evade the charges. Swamy also said that he would decide on the next course of action in a case against P Chidambaram very soon.

Prime Minister to visit Assam on April 24 to cast vote
NETV Correspondent
April 18, Guwahati

After skipping the 2011 assembly poll, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his wife Gursharan Kaur will vote in the Lok Sabha poll from Assam. He will vote from the Guwahati Lok Sabha constituency. The Prime Minister and his wife are enrolled as voters of the Dispur assembly constituency. As per the voter’s list, he is a voter of the Dispur Bidyalaya Govt HS School polling station. The security around the polling station has been tightened in view of the election on April 24. However, the school gets prominence only when any election approaches. Otherwidse, it lies in a dilapidated condition despite beaming only a few hundred meters from the state capital The Prime Minister is a resident of house number 3989, Nandan Nagar of Sarumotoria. When Focus NE journalist visited his house, they found it locked with only security personnel manning the house. He is a tenant at the house of Congress Working Committee member Dr Hemaprabha Saikia. The Prime Minister did not cast his vote in the 2004 Lok Sabha poll and 2006 and 2011 state assembly elections. But he cast his poll in 2009 Lok Sabha poll. According to election rules, the Prime Minister is not eligible for postal ballot, since the facility is only for officials on poll duty and men from the services.

Hagrama accuses media of highlighting BPF rivals
NETV Correspondent
April 18, Guwahati

BPF president and BTC Chief Hagrama Mohilari accused the Media of being partial against the party in highlighting news. Addressing public at an election rally at Shukanjhora in Kokrajhar, Mohilary came down heavily on media saying that media has been partial against the BPF. He accused media of working in favour of Independent candidate Urkhao Gwra Brahma.

CPI alleges anomalies in Inner Manipur poll, demands re-poll
NETV Bureau
April 18, Manipur

The CPI candidate of the inner Manipur Parliamentary constituency, Dr. Nara has decided to apprise the ECI to conduct re-poll at various polling stations of Thoubal district which is the home constituency of the chief Minister, Okram ibobi. According to the candidate, after making a poll survey of the district, he found that there were widespread manipulations, booth capturing, proxy voting and threatening as well as assaults of agents of other political parties by workers of the congress party. According to Dr. Nara, there were manipulations here and there by going against electoral norms. He further revealed that no political agents of any other party accept congress were allowed and intimidated to leave the place. Meanwhile, the political agents of the congress carried out its whims at the polling stations. According to Dr. Nara, the government has failed to do its job and unleashed for mass manipulation. As for the presiding officers who are drawn from the state government officials, the officials fear reprisals from the government and could not cope with the situation.

Good Friday observed across Northeast
NETV Bureau
April 18, Meghalaya

Christians in Meghalaya observed Good Friday, marking the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, with fasts and daylong prayer services in churches. Good Friday was observed with solemnity by the Christian faithful in Shillong on Friday. Christians across the state thronged the churches in large numbers to offer special prayers even as they observed fast to commemorate Good Friday, the day on which Jesus Christ was crucified. Special sermons on salvation and partaking in special mass held on the occasion of Good Friday. Special services were held throughout the day in the various churches to remember Christ’s death on the cross. During the services, sermons were given from the altar, where the faithful were reminded of Christ’s teachings for compassion, love and forgiveness. An air of solemnity prevailed as believers congregated in large numbers in churches where senior prelates led special prayers to mark the day.

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