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Northeast Hi Fi (NE Hi Fi)

Northeast Hi Fi (NE Hi Fi) channel will unravel, explore and embody the culture, the colors, the spirit, the sounds and the enigma of a pristine region of India. NE Hi Fi will serve to bridge the gap by truly bringing out a rich tapestry and diversity of the Northeast region with its eight states, providing a taste hitherto unknown to India and the world.
NE Hi Fi will delve into the traditional and cultural beauty of the Northeast on the one hand, while bringing to its viewers the evolving music and entertainment from India and the rest of the world. In the tradition of the growing and dynamic Positiv Television Networks Group.

Hifi Welcomes You  

NE Hi Fi channel will dedicate itself to becoming an integral part of the life of the people of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland,Tripura and Sikkim. People of the Northeast rock, we feel, and, so will NE Hi Fi, their channel !

Let's Rock to the Northeast!
Dial m for music

Every Tuesday

at 6:00pm

Ph in show based on public demand songs.

Every Mon to Sat

at 7:30pm

A phone-in live show featuring experts on various topics.
Career quest

Every Tuesday

at 7:00pm

Ph in live show based on career guidance

Every Sunday

at 5:00pm

Children related show below 9yrs with full of fun and entertainment show based on play schools.
Satelite Channel Of Northeast

Every Friday

at 7:30pm

A comedy show featuring Assam's most popular comedy group Khishiri.
Satelite Channel Of Northeast
Assamese Top 10 

Every Wednesday

at 7:30pm

A Countdown no based show on new released Assamese songs.

Every Sunday

at 10:00 PM

A phone-in live show on sex counselling and guidance.

Every Sunday

at 5:30pm

For weekend entertainment a popular assamese feature flim.

Every Wednesday

at 7:00pm

This show is based on upcoming singer.



Yeh Jeevan Hai

Every Thursday

at 8:30pm

This program is based on bollywood legendary actor actress biopic.



at 9:00pm


Its a Musical Show


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